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What Is Endocrinology?

The body’s endocrine system is vast, to say the least. This series of glands produce and secrete hormones the body uses for nearly every function—our breathing, digestion, reproduction, and even our movement. The conversation between glands and bodily functions is ever-present, taking place all day, every day. A breakdown in this conversation can disrupt our body’s ability to regulate physiological actions related to growth, development, moods and much more. Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the endocrine glands, the actions of hormones, and the body’s metabolic process. Endocrinologists are specially trained to diagnose diseases related to the glands, no matter where the diseases show up in the body.

How We Are Different

Our endocrinologists understand the delicate relationship between glands, the hormones they produce, and the messages they carry to the body. We see patients at all ends of the spectrum, from people who are frequently tired, to those facing thyroid cancer. With diabetic patients, we apply our knowledge of nutrition and disease to help improve health across a lifetime of needs, and connect patients with educators and dieticians as needed.

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